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Verze – Teasi Elements Hydrogen (edition 8) – Všechny modely Teasi, 03.02.2016

  • Obecné vylepšení funkčnosti
  • Revize manipulace s POI – Možnost předání bodu zájmu z jakékoliv pozice mapy
  • Možnost připojit zařízení k Mac OS X El Capitan
  • Úprava vzdálenosti výletu v zařízení Teasi a Teasi Tool
  • Přepracované menu Bluetooth čidel (pouze model PRO Pulse)
  • Zrušeno omezení délky názvu výletu
  • Integrace údaje o aktuálním tlaku vzduchu do GPX souboru pro přesnější měření nadmořské výšky (pouze model PRO Pulse)
  • Generální opravy chyb


Pouze anglické popisy změn


Version – Teasi Elements Hydrogen (edition 6) – All Teasi devices, Live – 22.10.2015

  • Implementation of U2U-Routing (improved routing algorithm)
  • Revised trip computer
  • Improved compass
  • Map update
  • General bug fixing

Version 3.4.3 – Teasi Elements Hydrogen (edition 3) – All Teasi devices, Live – 06.07.2015

  • Boat navigation/ routing on waterways
  • Maps based on OpenSeaMap
  • Point-to-point routing
  • Special POIs and information (e.g. buoys, ports, bridge heights, etc.)
  • Boat computer with tidal information
  • Boat compass
  • Revised map material
  • Improved turn notification
  • Revised trip computer
  • General bug fixing

Version 3.3.4 – Teasi Elements Oxygen (edition 4) – All Teasi devices, Live – 01.04.2015

  • Compatibility with raster maps of MagicMaps
  • Improved routing
  • Optimized POIs
  • General bugfixing

Version 3.3.3 – Teasi Elements Oxygen (edition 3) – All Teasi devices, Live – 29.01.2015

  • Wheel circumference linked to sensor
  • Display of Turn Instructions became speed dependent
  • Several improvements for Ski Profiles and Ski Maps
  • Behaviour of „Enable Ski Lifts“ button is not clear
  • Define Gondolas and Cable-Cars as „two ways“ lifts, if not specified
  • Supporting OpenPisteMap Maps also for North America
  • Adding more Trip Computers for Ski Activities
  • Bug fixing

Version 3.3.2 – Teasi Elements Oxygen (edition 2) – Teasi PRO only, Live – 29.12.2014

  • Fixing reconnection of BT after device went in suspend mode (needs also ROM Update)
  • Improvement for Compass: removing shaking of the map, calibration is maintained for longer time (needs also ROM Update)
  • Zooming on Kompass Raster maps when levels are missing
  • Lowering minimal speed for training
  • Updates for Ski related Computers
  • Fixing start zoom level when starting routing
  • More Info messages available at boot
  • Bug fixing

Version – Teasi Elements Oxygen (edition 1) – All Teasi devices, Live – 28.11.2014

  • Adding Trip computers for Downhill Ski activities
  • Ski Routing and Navigation
  • Snowy Ui for Ski Profiles
  • Improvements in Computers calculations
  • Bug fixing

Version 3.2.7 (New Teasi One) – 19.11.2014

  • Ski Categories added to POI Search
  • Easy Mode – Second Level: more features removed from Easy Mode
  • Pre-Installed Profiles
  • Skilifts handled through POIs, with possibility to enable/disable for route
  • calculation
  • Bug fixing

Version 3.2.6 (New Teasi One) – 04.11.2014

  • Improvements in Route calculation
  • Ski Profile
  • Piste „roads“ added to the map
  • Device Type and software version added to the GPX Header
  • Factory Reset does not reboot the device
  • Bug fixing

Version 3.2.5 (All Teasi devices) – 24.09.2014

  • Add map of Cyprus
  • Improvements in Grade and Ascent calculation
  • Added Copyright notices for OSM data
  • Routing with Ferries not always working properly
  • Fixing Profile Type in GPX file
  • Improvements in POI Search
  • Bug fixing

Version (All Teasi devices) – 11.09.2014

  • Support FIT files also on Teasi One
  • Improvements in map search and display
  • Bug fixing

Version 3.2.3 (All Teasi devices) – 19.08.2014

  • Search of cities with umlaut in the name is not easy to understand for German users
  • Autorestart of recording
  • Added new translations of texts
  • UI improvements
  • Bug fixing

Version 3.2.2 (All Teasi devices) – 01.08.2014
(Items with * refer to Teasi Pro only)

  • Multiple Destinations
  • Display of GPS Status
  • Search POI around different positions
  • Show more details for POI
  • Beeline profile
  • Saving tracks in FIT format*
  • Support of OSM Maps for USA and Canada
  • Route Settings page extended and made available for Teasi One as well
  • Support for Raster Maps in Teasi One
  • Clean up maps works on raster maps as well
  • Fixing problems for Sensor connection and reconnection*
  • Bug fixing

Version (TEASI PRO) – 03/07/2014

Fixed bugs:

  • Navigation with imported trip file ends after ~10km
  • Bike computer settings are not saved
  • Wheel circumference entered in mm is counted as cm, rim defaults has cm vaules instead of mm

Version 3.1.1 (TEASI one²) – 20/05/2014

  • Show scale on map screen
  • Improving Map display speed
  • New maps with better data compression
  • Added info during the boot of the application
  • Handling of gpx files containing multiple tracks
  • Improved display of bike paths
  • Address search with routes longer than 300 km shows a map with a beeline towards the target
  • Showing map with North direction happens two levels upper (more zoomed out)
  • Removed already traveled road during navigation
  • New layout for bike computer screen with 6 boxes per page
  • Improved readability of graphs
  • Support of Multiple Formats to enter Coordinates
  • Device ID identifier inside the track
  • Down state added for list elements.
  • Favorites renameable upon creation.
  • Browse POIs of a track
  • More categories added to Public Transport POIs
  • Function to add a POI on a recorded track
  • POI Details screen – missing picture and description in case of self-created POI
  • Option to turn off the snapping
  • Settings for bikers using one-way streets both ways
  • Option to turn navigation popup on and off
  • Warning message for low battery
  • Fixing Localization and other UI problems
  • Bug fixing

Version (Teasi PRO) – 20/05/2014

  • Fixing problems for Compass and Barometer calibration
  • Errors in measurements of the altitude

Version (New Teasi One) – 07/05/2014

  • New Factory Image for New Teasi One devices

Version 3.0.8 – 10/04/2014

  • Fixing error in conversion of 2.x Settings to 3.x format

Version 3.0.7 – 09/04/2014

  • Replanning using initial set option (Suggested/Easiest/Shortest)
  • Showing beeline for destinations gretaer than 300 km
  • Support of gpx with different formats
  • Removing Byte Order Mark from GPX (Garmin connect was not importing)
  • Improving orientation of map during replanning/panning
  • Fixes for raster maps
  • Changed method to calculate calories consumption
  • Improved algorithm to calculate positions of street names on map
  • Reduced snapping threshold
  • Localization updated

Version 3.0.5 – 21/03/2014

  • Advanced tracks on SD card
  • Displacement of Zoom buttons
  • Sun compass calibration (Teasi One only)
  • Handling of Favourites
  • Selection of POIs from map
  • UI Improvements
  • Bug fixing

Version 3.0.1 – 18/03/2014

  • Map rendering improved and sped up
  • Import of files with multiple tracks and waypoints (1st version)
  • Fixing problems during saving of tracks
  • Full Localization added
  • Bug fixing

Version 3.0.0 – 14/03/2014

  • New POI categories added (Public Transports)
  • Optimizations
    • Image compression
    • Stretching
    • Refresh screen
    • Splitters
    • Map display
    • POI Groups
  • Pre-creation of folders needed by the application
  • Start-up messages
  • Changed routing for pedestrian mode
  • Bug fixing


Version 2.4.3 – 05/03/2014

  • New Main Menu structure
  • Full support of new screen resolution (New Teasi One)
  • Bug fixing

Version 2.4.2 – 03/03/2014

  • Simplified mode (only Teasi One)
  • Advanced Tracks
    • POI name and description display
    • Track POIs displayed also during navigation
  • Improvements for Address Search
  • Progressive map display
  • Bug fixing

Version 2.4.1 – 18/02/2014

  • Review automatic zooming
  • Cleanup maps from inside the device
  • Support of Maps for whole Europe
    • New maps from TeleAtlas and OSM
  • Fixed hang with Bluetooth sensors
  • Steady support for Advanced Tracks
  • Bug fixing

Version 2.4.0 – 04/02/2014

  • Added a popup about Teasi Tool at every x boots or y months to remind the user to use the updater tool.
  • Added a frequency slider for the Buzzer to the Settings/Sound page
  • Manual suspend mode inside Power Off screen
  • Imported Content should be loaded from the SD card
  • Long Home button press invokes settings menu
  • Improvements for Advanced Tracks
  • Store the last 5 calculated routes
  • Bug fixing

Version 2.2.0 – 20/12/2013 

  • Settings saved in XML format
  • Advanced Tracks, first version
    • Importing tracks with descriptions, POIs, pictures
  • Wait note added during saving of (long) recordings
  • Added warning when power off selected with ongoing recording
  • Bug fixing

Version 2.1.7 – 20/11/2013 

  • Compass is rotating in the opposite direction
  • Reconnection of sensors is not working

Version 2.1.6 – 05/11/2013 

  • Device crashing after some time with a SD into the device
  • Crash navigating to an empty track

Version 2.1.5 – 22/10/2013 

  • Performance improvements
    • Fix for the slowdown when tracks are loaded, and for the raster map related slowdown and rendering issues
  • Bug fixes
    • Sometimes switching between sensor does not works.
    • After POIS imported to Other custom category not other POIs can be imported to that category.

Version 2.1.4 – 11/10/2013 

  • Bug fixes
    • Climb Left is always 0
    • Changing the icon for an Item in my stuff causes the Item to disappear
    • Improvements inside Speedometer, needle was refreshed too slowly

Version 2.1.3 – 03/10/2013 

  • Bluetooth list handling and sensor renaming
  • ROM Update support on device

Version 2.1.2 – 25/09/2013 

  • Fixes for the Bluetooth sensors handling and reconnection problems*
    • Bluetooth sensors + screens
    • The BT module should be switched on/off with a single button
    • BT missing link makes the device very slowly
  • Bug fixes
    • Filter out pressure peaks*
    • Improve GPS based wrong values
    • Crash importing a track
    • POIs without name
    • The app beeps for turn instructions but it is disabled in the settings
    • Sometimes the speed data is enormously high
    • Compass damping*

Version 2.1.0 – 11/09/2013 

  • The connection to BT sensors should be managed with one button*
  • The Speed and Cadence sensors should be handled on a single screen*
  • The application crashes when accessing mytrips
  • Screen calibration has been added as and accessible through Settings – Screen
  • Adjust routing settings to use Bike roads more heavily
  • Wrong page displayed in history

Version – 06/09/2013 

  • Bug Fixing

Version 2.0.8 – 04/09/2013 

  • Problem with graphs in memory when reversing track and press go then back.
  • The internal compass does not shows the real north*
  • There should be a more visible indication in/out zones for HR zone training*
  • The replanning distance should be fine tuned.
  • Ghost-Mode: time difference
  • Bug fixing

Version 2.0.6 – 16/08/2013 

  • Fixed problem of corrupted statistics file

Version 2.0.5 – 07/08/2013 

  • Bug Fixing

Version 2.0.3 – 23/07/2013 

  • Improvements for the GPS snapping position
  • The compass based rotation of the map should be normalized.
  • The auto zoom should zoom in 2 levels more.
  • Fixed Error retrieving GetPostalCode

Version 2.0.2 – 18/07/2013 

  • Bug Fixing
    • Cadence is sometimes displayed in very small font size*
    • Temperature computer should not be visible*
    • Graph for weather forecast should show x-axis as negative numbers*
    • Map should rotate together with the compass
    • Maneuver arrows must be removed
    • The turn indicator should be displayed on every zoom level
    • Automatic sensor reconnection*
    • Sometimes Speed and Cadence sensor shows connected even after the sensor turned off*

Version 2.0.0 – 12/07/2013  (Items with * refer to Teasi Pro only)

  • Maps split by country
  • Improved routing functionalities, based on more attributes from OSM
  • Reviewed road weights to improve calculations of easiest, suggested route planning
  • Combined Trainings (Tour), based on more user input possibilities
  • Display of sensors data*
  • Raster maps support*
  • Two skins (dark and light) support
  • UI improvements, including new colour scheme for the map
  • Directional arrows are displayed on the route at the turning points
  • Race Training*
  • Improved selection of city names to display when zooming out
  • Software solution to go back to previous screen
  • Weather forecast*
  • Trip computers behavior reviewed and improved
  • Disk full handling
  • Improved visibility of items on map
  • POI visible on map
  • Import own POI with Display
  • Use icons representing calories consumption instead of entering a number (Only for Teasi One)
  • Training for HR Zones*
  • Support of new hardware functionalities (GPS, Buzzer, backlight, G-Sensor, Compass, Barometer, etc.)*
  • Additional configurable button*
  • Save a Trip as Favourite
  • Reviewed beeping and backlight system
  • Bike Tires Vendors POI are included in the base map and can be searched
  • Settings reorganized on two screens*
  • GPS Snapping position improved
  • Unified different speed data coming from different sources in trip computers.
  • Add support for Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Finnish and Swedish language
  • Improved UI for Wheel size and most used rim sizes
  • Barometer -> altitude calibration and calculation
  • Bug fixing


Version 1.6.4 – 03/06/2013 

  • Fix for activation of Teasi white devices

Version 1.6.3 – 09/04/2013 

  • Map Activation code is not requested for the new batch of devices
    • Could not verify on device, as we did not receive any new sample
    • It would be good to verify before starting new production
  • Change title of the Statistics screen according to the type of data that are displayed
  • Fixed Bugs:
    • Favorite editing did not work
    • Altitude graph doesn’t switch to the altitude graph of track when reached

Version 1.6.2 – 13/03/2013 

  • Statistics extended to show data also when not recording
    • Inside Statistics Menu we added a button to let the user to choose which type of data he would like to see
  • Fixed Bugs:
    • Use the same translation in Bike Computer and Statistics for „Entfernung“
    • Track name is not referring to the timestamp of the first point
    • Factory reset does not removes recorded and imported tracks

Version 1.6.1 – 11/02/2013 

  • Bike Computers show data without having a recording in progress
    • Track computers page completely removed
    • Improved calculation of some of the new Bike computers (Ascent, Calories, Active Time, etc.)
  • Sorting follows German rules
  • Show record buttons also in Speedometer and Compass
  • Bug fixing
    • Characters not displayed for Russian keyboard
    • German strings missing
    • Fixed a possible crash in Tour by Distance + Route Plan

Version 1.6.0 – 07/02/2013 

  • Implementation of new feature “Need to have some trip computers (“Bike computers”) that record data even without track recording”
    • They can be accessed from the “Computer” menu moving on the page right (they have a white background)
    • They have a button to reset and work without recording
    • They can be selected also in other screens (e.g. in the map)
  • GPS Cursor stays in the bottom part of the screen when in track up mode
  • Improvements on the snapping of the GPS cursor
  • Bug fixing
    • Resolved an error in the display of the altitude profile when navigating to track
    • Navigation was in some cases cutting out some points

Version 1.5.0 – 28/01/2013 

  • PIN code activation is not requested if the device is in the list of the authorized devices
  • Item #51: Add the possibility to navigate to end of the track and go through it reverting the points
  • Extend route calculation to 300 km beeline (not for only for tracks, but also for addresses)
  • Fix the bug regarding the import of gpx files with characters with umlaut
  • Navigation to closest point of track and then to end point of track or to the start point reverting the points
  • Import tracks from SD card
    • We tested the 38 gpx files that were sent to us: the first time they are loaded from the SD card they need to be imported and this takes some time to be able to open the list.
    • It would be good if you could already provide the binary files in the attachment, because this would speed up the user experience also for the first load.
    • They need to be placed in the same place of the gpx files
  • German localization fixed
  • UI modified to be more different from other existing products created by GPS Tuner
  • User Statistics (only for recorded tracks)
  • Item #21: GPS cursor is snapped to the planned route or to the navigated track

Version 1.4.2 – 11/12/2012 

  • UI cosmetics, modified look for the Ok button, the selected item in a list, the screen settings

Version 1.4.1 – 04/12/2012

  • Correct licensing of the maps
  • Statistics should not show ANT related fields in Teasi
  • German localization fixed

Version 1.4.0 – 30/11/2012 

  • Navigation to closest point of track
  • User Statistics
  • Import tracks from SD card

Version 1.3.2 – 26/10/2012 

  • When the map version is not compatible with the application version, the application crashes on start
    • We are now performing a check on start on the map versions and if the maps are found to be not up-to-date or corrupted, then a popup will inform the user that he needs to update the maps to be able to run the application.
  • Teasi startup USB function fix (when invalid, or outdated map is found)
    • To be able to connect to Updater Tool when maps are not up-to-date
  • Remove directional arrows from displayed routes/tracks
  • Fixed a crash when displaying areas with too many water areas (e.g. around Amsterdam)

Version 1.3.1 – 17/10/2012

  • Error in reverse geocoding searching for an address for given coordinates
  • Go button does not start the navigation to track

Version 1.3.0 – 28/09/2012

  • Improvements in the search for addresses
    • Countries proposed in the language if the device
    • Also urban districts can be found
  • Alternative routes proposed for navigation, offering a “suggested” path, the “easiest” and the “shortest”
    • Altitude graphs are used also for the navigation to a planned route
  • Added map of Greece
  • UI improvements
    • Bigger font on map
    • City names displayed on the map follow a more appropriated logic
    • Reorganization of some ui controls
    • More stylish keyboard
    • Adding Greek keyboard
    • Layout buttons
  • Presets for Tour settings
    • Linked to the selected profile
    • Using the icon of the profile
  • Bug fixing

Version 1.2.7 – 23/01/2013 

  • PIN code activation is not requested if the device is in the list of the authorized devices

Version 1.2.6 Backport – 11/12/2012 

  • UI cosmetics, modified look for the Ok button, the selected item in a list, the screen settings

Version 1.2.5 Backport – 03/12/2012 

  • Removing arrows from route

Version 1.1.1 – 20/07/2012 

  • Eula translated in dutch, french, polish and Spanish
  • Konto –> Profile in German

Version 1.1.0 – 27/06/2012 

  • Using POIs from OSM instead of Tele Atlas
  • Forcing to display always OSM map (sometimes TA data were used because of a bug)
  • Fixing crash occurring sometimes when opening Computer menu

Version 1.0.2 – 13/06/2012 

  • Fixing a (not easy to reproduce) crash occurring opening Tour – By Calories

Version 1.0.1 – 06/06/2012

  • Small bug fixing
  • Existence of ImportedTrips folder is checked any time the software is started and it is created when absent

Version 1.0 23/05/2012

  • First Version for Teasi One
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